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Ignite a Spark of Wonder for the Natural World:

“The students loved the presentation. You could hear a pin drop.”
~ Educator from Greene, Maine

Since 1985, Chewonki has been home to a collection of ambassadors. Birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians arrive at our campus with injuries or conditions that prevent their return to the wild. Our teachers are extensively trained and take deep pleasure in making connections with students, and in passing on a lifelong appreciation for the value of wildlife and nature.

“Our presenter had a great ability to captivate an audience and keep their interest… live animals are a big hit and I look forward to your program every year.”
~ Educator from Cornville, Maine

Our programs will help you enhance the environmental literacy of your children, students, or community members. They will spark interest and appreciation for sciences, wildlife, and conservation.

“Conceptually excellent and beautifully presented… wonderful user friendly props.”
~ Newburyport, Massachusetts

With support from business partners, we’re working to keep our Traveling Natural History Programs accessible and affordable for schools and companies like yours. Let us know how we can provide these high-quality programs for your school, library, organization, business, or seasonal program.

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