COVID-19 Program Updates

Texas Desert Millipedes (Orthoporus texicolens)

Millipedes are a nocturnal species and they rely mostly on their antennae to navigate the world, being able to touch, taste, and even smell with them! They are native to the Southwestern United States and are much larger than the millipedes native to Maine.  


Chilean Rose Tarantulas (Grammostola Rosea)

Parker and Tula were purchased from Carolina Biological Supply. There are many tarantula species throughout the U.S., but none here in Maine. Non-native venomous spiders are illegal in Maine without a permit.


Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (Gromphadorphino portentosa)

 Lab-raised and originally purchased from Wards Biology Supply Co. These cockroaches are native to the Island of Madagascar. Hissing sound comes from forcing air through valves in the abdomen. Some “blasts” can be heard up to 12 feet away (290 decibels).


Annam Walking Sticks (Baculum extradentatum)

These walking sticks were given to us by an entomologist for the State of Maine. Originally from Vietnam, our walking sticks are varying ages and can grow over 4 inches long!